SSEP Mission 8 – Investigation of Water Absorption

In 2015 a grade 6 class from Santa Anna, California did an experiment to see if they can make a product that would cure the dry and itchiness of astronauts’ skin, while they are up in space. These grade 6 students made a hypothesis towards their experiment, which was ‘’ Does microgravity affect the water absorption of Hyaluronic Acid ( sodium hyaluronic)? ‘’ These students did this experiment to help the astronauts live more comfortable during the time they are in space. In their research they found that Hyaluronic Acid helps heal wounds, soothes burns and makes your skin moist. The experimental group would receive the variable (microgravity) that is being tested. The controlled group in the experiment does not receive the variable (microgravity) so the students could compare microgravity to gravity. In the experimental group the students find the answers to the experiment.

This grade 6 class was exceptionally thoughtful towards the astronauts’ needs while in space. Their consideration in conducting their research is what makes the experiment deserving of first place with the reward of having it go up to space. The astronauts tend to get very dry and itchy skin which can be quite uncomfortable for them. In space, the microgravity makes the aging process increase, which is why astronauts get dry and itchy skin. If the astronauts are always itchy it can be very distracting while they do their tasks. With the Hyaluronic Acid, the astronauts will be more comfortable up in space and less agitated. The Hyaluronic Acid is not only good for letting the astronauts be more comfortable, the moisture levels in microgravity also helps the astronauts in their daily life.

-Angie Johnston





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  1. Thanks for your complete review. You gave your readers a good understanding of the experiment. Good work adding a lot of media to your post. The work you did here should help you as you decide on your own experiment for SSEP!

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