Astronomy Inquiry Reflection

  1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?
    • I had to research basically just how the earth was created and how scientists figured it out. I did have to research a few vocabulary words, but other than that, that is all.
  2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?
    • I used the topic finder database to help find basic questions to be able to use.
  3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?
    • I started off with how stars were made, and then went to the universe, and then I narrowed it down to Earth. I tried to find my interests in astronomy.
  4. How did you verify and cite the information you found?
    • EasyBib is very easy to use when citing websites. I verified sites by trying to use solely websites that are made by scientists, or if the website seemed made by somone who knows what they are talking about.
  5. How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?
    • For me, it was very hard trying to be creative enough with my question, and that definitely shows. I wish I had managed my time better so that it could turn out better. I procrastinated a lot and I wish I had used my class time better.

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