TOKTW 2019

Media: Note: Because of the restrictions of the hospital, these photos were the most that we could make of them.    The entrance we went into the BC Children’s Hospital A hospital directory of the old building One of the hallways of the hospital The sign where the women’s hospital connects with the Children’s hospital. […]

Mystery Powder Lab

1. Explain the difference between a chemical and physical change. The difference between a chemical change and a physical change is that a physical change is difference in appearance but same properties. A chemical change is a change that effects the properties of the variables.   2. For unknown D, explain the results of each […]

Plant Experiment Project

Question: Does caffeine affect plant growth?   Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that the seeds that are watered with coffee will grow faster/bigger than the seeds that are watered just using tap water.   The reason why my scientific guess is the caffeine will do better than the water is because it contains a lot of […]

SMART Goals Reflection

1. What was your goal? My goal was to walk to school there and back.    2. Did you achieve it? How or how not? I did not achieve my goal because I did not wake up early enough to walk to school every day, therefore my mom drove me to school but I still […]

Eggs at Home!

Recipe Hunt Breakfast: Bagel avocado egg in a hole with cheese   Lunch: Egg salad sandwiches   Dinner: Dinner omelet with green pepper, tomatoes, and cheese with a side of sliced steak.   Cooking Time! My mise-en place: Pictures of me cooking the actual product: Final Plated Product: Clean kitchen:     […]

Aquatic Field Studies

  In the past few days in our grade 9 science class, we’ve been going out to the Coquitlam River, and the Oxbow Pond.  We explored water quality, by chemical analysis, temperature, weather, and invertebrates living in the waters from the two bodies of water. We measured the temperatures by holding thermometers. For the temperature […]

Consumable Waste Assignment

Foods I usually eat: Cheese Sticks Sandwich- bread+cheese+beef+mayonaise+lettuce Egg Ramen Noodles Chips Fast Food (burger, fries, pop,) Apples All of the above use plastic packaging except egg, which uses cartons or styrofoam, steak that uses paper wrapping, and fast food which usually uses paper. Packages that are used constantly are plastic bags or sealed plastic. […]

Digital Footprint

 1) How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples. i) One example of how your digital footprint can affect your future opportunities is getting into a University/College that you want to get into. Let’s say maybe you want to go to an Ivy League school, and you got a […]