Skit – Anella et Zeena

REPONSES COURTES   1.       Comment est-ce que tu écris le nom du personnage de Zeena? 2.       Quel était la météo pour aujourd’hui? 3.       Combien d’heures est ce que tu as dû attendre pour passer en de sous du pont aujourd’hui? 4.       Quels couleurs étaient les yeux de la criminelle?   VRAI OU FAUX 5.        la […]

BLog Log #3: Determination brings music to my ears this blog’s topic: self determination this subject area of self determination intrigued me, because it is something I struggle with. Sometimes bouncing back from disappointment is hard; and more often than not, I get stuck in a rut whenever I am discouraged with my results. The author of this essay explains their struggle […]

blog log #2: a pen and paper could be more this blog’s topic: gratitude This article caught my attention right away; from the description to the very first sentence. The article illustrates the life of a woman who has grown up with writing thank-you letters. Writing them was mandatory; even at a young age, to be written for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and […]

P.E: health education self assesement

here is my self assessement: le voila and here is my P.E skit self assessement: my P.E. skit video: and here are the answered questions about our skit: Questions: 1)      Pressure from a dating partner 2)      The issue was resolved with assertive communication, negotiation; and later on was also resolved by the girlfriend(the responsible […]

Inquiry Post #1: The Friday Everything Changed – a fragment from our past living on in our future.

  Inquiry post #1 Inquiry questions: How does fear of rejection stop individuals from expressing their true selves? How do friendships and connections boost our confidence? the original text: the Friday Everything Changed Secondary sources: Gandalf quote and news article The Friday Everything Changed – a fragment from our past living on in our […]