BLog Log #3: Determination brings music to my ears this blog’s topic: self determination this subject area of self determination intrigued me, because it is something I struggle with. Sometimes bouncing back from disappointment is hard; and more often than not, I get stuck in a rut whenever I am discouraged with my results. The author of this essay explains their struggle […]

blog log #2: a pen and paper could be more this blog’s topic: gratitude This article caught my attention right away; from the description to the very first sentence. The article illustrates the life of a woman who has grown up with writing thank-you letters. Writing them was mandatory; even at a young age, to be written for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and […]

P.E: health education self assesement

here is my self assessement: le voila and here is my P.E skit self assessement: my P.E. skit video: and here are the answered questions about our skit: Questions: 1)      Pressure from a dating partner 2)      The issue was resolved with assertive communication, negotiation; and later on was also resolved by the girlfriend(the responsible […]

Inquiry Post #1: The Friday Everything Changed – a fragment from our past living on in our future.

  Inquiry post #1 Inquiry questions: How does fear of rejection stop individuals from expressing their true selves? How do friendships and connections boost our confidence? the original text: the Friday Everything Changed Secondary sources: Gandalf quote and news article The Friday Everything Changed – a fragment from our past living on in our […]

blog log #1: messages from the past the blog’s topic: death I was interested in this subject area because it was very relevant to my life and what I do.  The author depicts the importance of these letters; as her family had a history of writing letters during their life struggles, ultimately bringing the author closer to them. I enjoyed […]

community connection (interview project)

For my project, I interviewed my grade 8 teacher, Mme. Gordon. She works at Pitt River Middle in the French immersion program. Her roles and responsibilities include collaborating with colleagues and students, creating lessons that will engage students and act as a safe adult for students within the school community. I chose to interview her […]

Interviewing my parents about LGBTQ+

  Recently, I’ve been reflecting on LGBTQ+ community; about how aware people are on the subject. I am 100% accepting of all LGBTQ+ youth and never discriminate; although I know not everyone would agree; and there are some issues involving acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. This is a rising and ongoing issue the world is facing […]