Tech Team December Reflection

·        What aspects of your work are successful? Explain why. ·        What aspects of your work are challenging? Explain why. ·        What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make? ·        Is there anything you can do improve? (with your approach to the project, or altering the […]

Projet: Les années folles à la radio

l’enregistrement:     la bibliographie: Grève :   pensionnats :   Déclaration de Balfour + le statut de Westminster   La mode :   Cranny, Michael William. “Le Canada Dans Les Années 1920.” Contrastes: Débats Et Enjeux Canadiens, Chenèliere Éducation, 2011, pp. 60–83.    

Tech team project – wall of pride

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback. – What problems might we run into? inadequate advertising might lead to people not knowing the wall of pride exists lack of (or no) participation people running the wall might stop or forget to post about it or update the Edublog there […]