Tech Team DiVi Review

What are some strengths of DiVi builder? 

  •  the amount of settings and customization abilities is extremely versatile
  • if played with and understood, the curator can create professional and impressive pages for their edublog that oculd even be used as a portfolio space + during job applications
  • extremely sophisticated yet simple programming
  • “building on the front end” is extremely useful for those who like to see the end result immediately + who don’t enjoy the “input, coding” version

What are the weaknesses of DiVi Builder?

  • because the vast amount of customization abilities, some people might feel intimidated to try and figure out all the settings 
  • people might continue to use “simple” formats and modes even with the customization options
  •  some classes + assignments won’t be tailored to use the customization abilities and will only require a simple linear format, so students won’t bother going the extra step. 


How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? 

  • within art classes, options like “gallery” and the many customization abilities can be used to create artist autobiographies as an introductory assignment
  • the gallery option can be used within core competency reflections by showing a project’s process by multiple photos instead of just the end product
  • instead of creating powerpoints, students could create a scroll-down presentation they could use during a project, including all the different arrangements and images, and quotes
  • this plugin can be extremely useful ofr capstone projects and presenting our project on our edublogs in an impressive manner
  • encouraging (or forcing) students to use this plugin for one of their projects could inspire them to use their edublog more often and to put moreeffort into their edublogs

Would you use this plugin?

  • I will definitely be using this plugin on a regular basis for as my classes and as many assignments as I can, especially for my art classes
  • I will be able to customize even my individual posts to my liking to enhance my blog further

Would you reccomend it?

  •   I would definitely suggest this plugin to people who would like to enhance their blog and show their creativity in a way which they couldn’t before, but i am definitely aware that many people dislike using edublogs due to **lack of enthusiasm**and the amount of work they must put into their edublog already (which honestly isn’t much to begin but many don’t enjoy the process and don’t understnad the importantace of the Edublogs), so introducing an intricate system would discourage them further.
  • it would be difficult to throw this concept at students if teachers wouldn’t be familiar to the program either and only the tech team could understand it, which would discourage TEACHERS to not use the plug-in as well
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