Core Competency self reflection – ceramics 10

Here are my core competency self reflections:

Creative + Critical thinking:

Personal Awareness + Social responsibility self reflection:


my first project: in which we had to begin with a sphere and build onto it to make it something else. I chose to make a sugar skull inspired by Dia De Los Muertos

My clay puppet project: My group decided to create characters from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I challenged myself by making the body entirely out of clay instead of just fabric.

My birdhouse project: this was definitely one of my more conceptual sculptures; I had absolutely no idea how I cam up with this weird strawberry person but had fun sculpting and painting it nonetheless.

My jewelry box project: the technique I used to paint my flowerpot didn’t turn out the way I anticipated, but I can always repaint it.

my mug project: this was the last project I did for the course and I am extremely proud of it!


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