The Imperfection in Perfection – synthesis essay reflection


  1. Two things I am proud of in this essay was first of all a very unexpectedly high mark I received. I had panicked a lot about it because I was worried from the very beginning that the idea for my essay wasn’t very strong, or my evidence didn’t support what my message was at all, and if I was going to completely forget how to punctuate, but I am very proud of what I actually got; I never expected this high of a note.
  2. Another aspect of my essay that I am proud of is the satisfaction I had felt after I finished it. It did not feel rushed and by the end of it I felt as if had dropped a mic. I am quite happy of how I could successfully get my point across even after doubting myself.
  3. One thing I would do the next time to improve my essay is to stick with my thesis statement and refer to it more when looking for evidence as to not go off-topic or not get my point across as clearly as I desired.
  4. another thing I would like to work on is my language; specifically my transition words. Sometimes I felt as if my paragraphs were choppy.
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