How Do Labels impact Humans?

How do labels impact humans?


In the Time for Love short film directed by Sean Lionadh and BBC the social, a man explains the hardships of being in a same-sex relationship. He describes how he and his partner are treated on the streets: some smile at them, but most frown or comment rudely. All the chaos affects his judgement, making him feel ashamed to hold his lovers hand. He compares himself to the others that criticize him, stating that their vision of “normality” is an individual concept, and does not exist. He dislikes how it makes him feel that going against society’s definition of the norm has consequences, and that he must make a choice between “normality” and standing up for what he loves and believes in. He questions society, and how close-minded we our to diversity in such an evolved and sophisticated era we live in. When our identity, opinions, or choices are criticized, we can easily falter; as we prefer to be within the majority. This short film shows that humans’ judgements and choices can be easily manipulated by others, but with a more powerful force such as love and strength, one can overcome discrimination and labels.


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