my passions

I am a die-hard artist. Ever since I was small, I was always drawing and colouring. It’s become such an addiction, I will be pursuing it as a career! It has always been a humongous part of my life, and it always will be.

this is just some of the things I do!

  •  I embroider, sew, and crochet! (although I need to practise more)
  • I sculpt, mostly with polymer clay

  • I draw digitally and traditionally

  • I was with the Theatrix youth performing group for 6 years

  • I dance – jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary at Place Des Arts since 2009

  • I write poetry!

  • I dry flowers (such a granny thing to do, I know lol)

  • I have a bullet journal, which is a fancy planner with decorations

  • I also have an art journal (it just a really artsy diary) that I put my thoughts and important events in.

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