blog log #2: a pen and paper could be more

this blog’s topic: gratitude

This article caught my attention right away; from the description to the very first sentence. The article illustrates the life of a woman who has grown up with writing thank-you letters. Writing them was mandatory; even at a young age, to be written for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and many more occasions. This sparked my interest as a reader, for I was taught the very same; to create thank-you letters after receiving gifts or kind actions.

I enjoyed this article and the author’s writing style, because her compassionate language had such a personal and warm tone, that I had a very strong personal connection with her message.

My connection with this article was quite literally doing the same thing the author was doing. I still make and write all my cards by hand to this day, because it is not only relaxing for me, but also because it brings me joy to think someone will enjoy their gift or thank you letter just a little bit more for the personal touch I give them. I believe hand writing cards for any occasion; no matter how small, can make it that much more special. The author conveys the importance of writing letters in her life: it had helped her connect to her surroundings even during challenging times like her father’s death, make friends that she still holds dear to her heart today, and to teach her how to be grateful of what she had. I think that hand written cards help me realise that you and others can find joy in something made from the heart.

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One thought on “blog log #2: a pen and paper could be more

  1. Anella – similar theme as your first log, but still lovely. Letter writing is a lost art; whenever I get a card or letter, I cherish. It is a record of time and relationship that is lost in the era of texts and emails.

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