blog log #1: messages from the past

the blog’s topic: death

I was interested in this subject area because it was very relevant to my life and what I do.  The author depicts the importance of these letters; as her family had a history of writing letters during their life struggles, ultimately bringing the author closer to them. I enjoyed the incredible amount of emotions the author put into this essay.

While I was reading it, the essay portrayed happiness and wisdom, and even a small hint of nostalgia and regret.

I could really feel the message the author was trying to express. This article has made a huge impact on me, for it exemplifies the importance of written letters for me. I journal frequently; and the thought of one of my friends or family finding something more about me, my past, and my journey is quite extraordinary. To imagine even a stranger who finds my journal and learn about me in the future is a little far fetched, but none the less an intriguing idea. It would also be fun to keep all my journals from high school and reading them as an adult would be quite amusing to see how much I mature, see how my values adapt to my lifestyle, and even learn something new about myself.

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One thought on “blog log #1: messages from the past

  1. Anella – this is such a lovely article as are your sentiments about it. Your blog and how you organized it is beautiful!

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