community connection (interview project)

For my project, I interviewed my grade 8 teacher, Mme. Gordon. She works at Pitt River Middle in the French immersion program. Her roles and responsibilities include collaborating with colleagues and students, creating lessons that will engage students and act as a safe adult for students within the school community.

I chose to interview her because she was one of the best teachers I had ever gotten. She was very kind and patient, and prepared me for my high school experience. She was also a very talented artist and inspired me so much to pursue my artistic career. here is some of her art!  

 I am torn between a career in the art field or becoming a teacher of some kind. Mme. Gordon is a perfect mix of both! I always enjoyed being in her class. The atmosphere was always welcoming and fun. I especially enjoyed her art classes. She pushed me and encouraged me to be my best and help me produce my best artwork possible.

I’ve improved so much because of her. this is my art

anyway, on to the questions…

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  • Why are you passionate about your job?

 She loves working with people, and that she is able to be creative within parameter (for example the Ministry of Education standards)



  • What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?

 She said it was difficult to choose a field to study in University, and it took her three years before she declared her major as education. She was enrolled in an Art education class and she knew almost instantly that she had found what she was passionate about: the ability to be creative and to work closely with people in a compassionate way.



  • What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

 Recognise that teaching is a profession that is complex and evolving. Understand that it is a ‘labour of love’ and not just a financially rewarding profession. She had to be flexible, she is in her 9th year of teaching and switched from Art to French Immersion because there were more job prospects then that in art teaching.



  • Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

 Feel free to contact her via email



  • what was one accomplishment that you’re most proud of?

Building connections with students, understanding different lifestyles and backgrounds of people who make up the school community and teaching overseas in Kuwait.



  • What are some pros and cons of you job?

 Lots of ‘take home work’, and unpaid summers off; it seemed like a holiday, but it is unpaid time off, which can be stressful living in n expensive area in Canada.


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From this interview, I learned about the different aspects of the two career fields: art and teaching.

 This connected to my interest and passion of becoming an artist and/or a teacher. I’ve been drawing since I was very little and want to make this hobby into a serious career. Although, I’ve found an interest in teaching. I would like to share my knowledge with others and help them learn and grow.

This interview opened many opportunities for me. With Mme. Gordon having experience in both fields, it inspired me and taught me that you can pursue more than one dream. If I would really like to become a teacher but also an artist, why not become an art TEACHER? That would be very cool! It opened my eyes about my future career, and that I could be more than one thing; I could be anything, whether it would be a mix of two jobs, like an art teacher. I am now able to expand my choices for what and where I want to study post secondary, and see more possibilities than I did before.


 *the three first images are credited to Mme. Gordon, the rest of the images are drawn by me.


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3 thoughts on “community connection (interview project)

  1. Anella! Your blog is so professional and your words are so kind.
    I love your artwork and hope that you continue practicing. I think that you’ll likely find that your interests will cross through different aspects of your career.

  2. Thank you for submitting your HCE (Health and Career Education) assignment for COL. We have reviewed your Edublog post, and have the following observations regarding your work:

    – Great job interviewing someone and seeking out information regarding their expertise
    – Way to incorporate your answers on your edublog

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol and Mr. Robinson
    COL Teachers

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