Supernatural Riverside video project

A challenge we faced during this project was our timing. What I mean by that is when we were scheduled to do something, somebody would be away or going somewhere. A lot of the days we planned to film on or work on the script, someone would be sick, and during the weekend we would all be doing various activities, so we couldn’t meet up and work on it together.

Our list of fixing our challenge was:
• Come before school and work on it
• Rendez -vous at lunch
• Facetime each other even when we weren’t together to work on our project
• Work on our separate parts and then combine them together

Our idea of an amazing video was:
• Great graphics and scenery
• Nice photographic shots
• Clean audio
• Has a calming nature to it
• Soothing music
• Perfect grammar and coherent sentences
• Gave the viewer quality information, viewer satisfied but wants to watch more





During this project, I found that my group was very open minded, positive, inclusive, and hardworking. We stuck to our collaboration contract, and took it very seriously as a guideline and as rules for how we would do this project.

As we discussed in our contract, we should always keep in contact with each other; such as updates on progress and notifying other group members if problems occurred; and we successfully did so by checking in almost every day. We worked well together; we all had many ideas and never put another person’s idea down. Instead, we discussed compromises, mixed ideas together, and bounced ideas off each other. There was much communication and no disagreements, and we all enjoyed the experience.

I would like to say one of the strengths our group had was our easy-going attitude. It wasn’t any form of laziness, but more of a relaxed, positive approach. I think our success was mainly because of how well we got along. We had never done a project together before; let alone known each other very well, but we got to know each other more; and in turn work better with each other.

Another one of our strengths was our “artistic vision”. We planned visually how we wanted our video to look like, so it made planning the dialogue, what we needed to take videos of, and planning a film day much easier. All of our group members were all very visual learners, and all had experience with filming.

I think one of our main weaknesses was our time management and our script writing. As a group, we could’ve managed our time better. We should have worked more diligently during the class time we had, and utilized the project day to our advantage more. I feel like we could’ve used our time more efficiently, and reviewed our contract more often.

We also didn’t keep track of time very well. Before we knew it, it was winter break and we had to film! Luckily, we filmed on a perfect sunny day (which is very rare during winter here).

 I think that I personally could have managed my own time better. I found myself procrastinating on my part of the script, and I could have motivated myself more. I think the contract we wrote would have really pushed me to do my best if I reviewed it more often. I feel like it should have been my responsibility to motivate my group as well when we didn’t feel like doing anything; and I should have pushed myself to do work on days when I felt like I didn’t want to.

I feel like our script was also quite weak. Like I said before, our time management wasn’t very good, therefor our script was kind of at the last minute. If I would have changed something about our script, I would have added a stronger introduction and conclusion.

Next time, this will be a very good lesson for future projects and a building block to improve on.



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