graphic novel self assesement

questions on communication: (collaboration)


my partner (Stefen) and I with my finished graphic novel




Were you able to be an active listener and support and encourage others?

My partner and I created the timeline for our story. We brought up ideas to each other, suggested alternatives and improvements, and built upon each others’ ideas in a positive encouraging way.


Were you able to hear different points of view and disagree respectfully?

I am proud to say we had no arguments, disagreements, or fighting whatsoever. At some point, I had to change the timeline. I politely contacted him about the change, and he accepted it.


Reflect on how you were able to give, receive, and act on feedback.

I never got offended and rudely talked back to my partner whenever he gave me ideas or feedback (in which he rarely did). I always took his opinions and ideas seriously, and always disagreed politely if our ideas conflicted.


How successful were you in working with others to achieve a common goal?

Unfortunately, we had some lack of communication, and some due date issues. I didn’t receive my partner’s rough draft of the dialogue, so I had to write the dialogue myself with the resources of the story I had access to. We didn’t work as much as a team as I would have liked, but at least my partner contacted me from time to time. I was a little frustrated that my partner didn’t put as much effort as I did into this project; which led me to do His part of the project as well as my own.


What roles and responsibilities did you take on in the group?

I had helped my partner create a timeline to get a general idea of the story. I created, designed, and drew the characters, and I also drew the graphic novel. Due to lack of communication and effort from my partner, I had to write the story’s dialogue by myself;  while drawing it as well.

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