First day in grade 9

I started to decorate my locker before school, so I could get a little more organised. Just some simple polaroid photos and a banner garland was perfect!

Block A:

I was so excited to get art as my elective; art first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day! Ms. Collins was so sweet, I can’t wait  to do an art project with her! I am glad she likes sculpting too.

Block B:

I am not usually fond of Science, but with Ms. Yorke; I think I’m actually going to enjoy it this year. I can’t wait to start experiments!

Block C:

Mr. Kwok was super nice! He was open to suggestions and was so loose and open. I know I’m going to need some help in math, but I know I can trust him, and can teach me!

Block D:

I’ve already gotten a French assignment (not that I mind), and I can’t wait to show Mme. Langford what I’m made of!

I was so pooped out today from all the information and the first day back to dance; so I’ll get some sleep, rest up, and wake up tomorrow to greet the day!

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