Things I am excited about this year

Whew!! I finally finished customizing my new blog, and I think I went a little overboard; but the end product was worth it!!

I am excited for many things!

  • making new friends

I cant wait to expand my friend group and see new, fresh faces! I’d love to get some more art buddies, and if I’m lucky; some study buddies.

  • art classes

I love art so much!! during the Grade 9 preview day I met my art teacher Ms. Collins, and she is so nice! Can’t wait to have an actual art class with her! As a matter of fact, I will tomorrow, in second block, no less! I am so happy my first course of the day is art. What a great way to start the day!

  • poetry

I can’t wait to write some!

hopefully this first post wasn’t tooooo long, but oh well,

see you all tomorrow at school!

cant wait to start my high school journey tomorrow.

enjoy a picture of my tiny little plant~


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