About Me


Well hi there! Welcome to my blog, my name’s Anella. I am an artist, a dog owner, and a sophomore at Riverside Secondary. 



My Favorite Quotes:

Sometimes when I’m stressed or worried or sad, I just look at these quotes and remind myself to relax.



A Video Clip:

*lowkey self advertising* this is a poem project I made in grade 9! I was super proud of the animation I did in it, and it was super satisfying to have the visuals and music sync up ;D



Pictures that have moved me:

On my wall, I have a whole bunch of polaroids I took during special events in my life like birthdays and parties. It always makes me happy to look at old memories. 



My Favorite Website:

I love Studying Amino. you know all those aesthetically pleasing pictures of bullet journals, notes, studying tips, and more? It’s all there! It is an extremely kind, inclusive, and helpful community! You can learn languages, tips on studying, and find beautiful bullet journal inspiration! 




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