Solution fluency

Solution Fluency on Science LAB 

Andrea So Block B


The challenge that we had to do was to test the effectiveness of 4 different types of detergent. Or also to test the cost is worth for the most expensive one, like would the other’s which are cheaper work better than the most expensive one? We had to do a fair test to test it out.



We had questions like:

What’s the difference of using cold water and hot water?

How we solved it: We searched online on the difference and we believe that it’s warm water that can somehow melt own the stain from its heat but cold water don’t.

How do we record and be able to identify the clothes after they are being taken out from the beaker? As there were only labels on the beakers not the cloths.

How we solved it: We marked it down on one of our phones typed the names of the detergent from left to right, as they were pinned on the board, this made it easier and we won’t get in trouble for not being able to figure out which is which.



The result was that the woolite detergent one washes off the stain the best, it is also the most expensive.

(I apologise that that this pic couldn’t be rotated no matter what :/)




Overall, I enjoyed the lab a lot because at least I didn’t have to sit down and do work at my desk the whole block. Rachel was really active and she basically started organizing stuff even before me and Mckayla have finished understanding what Mr. Horton said. The preparation was really smooth and we organized really well in order for the experiment to be smooth the next day. During the experiment, the hardest part wasn’t figuring out who is going to do which jobs but it was mixing for straight 15 minutes. Honestly my arms were sore after mixing non-stop for so long that day, anyways I liked the experiment, it was interesting to find out which detergent works the best because it’s actually helpful for daily life, now I know which detergent should tell my mom to buy.

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