What is new media?


New media is about what an individual reads or see on the internet. It can be shown on any apps that users use on their daily lives. It can be shown in news, blogs, video game apps, and more. However in new media, it requires technology most of the time. Some of the stuff that a individual reads on the newspaper, might not be shown in the internet news. Media consumption fragments is something that people do in their daily lives. In every free or break time they have, they could use that time to get into their social media apps to catch up on what is being talked about in the world. Once that happens, users going into their devices while looking into their preferable news is a fragment of media consumption. But that doesn’t mean new media is all good news. For example, “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe” (George Orwell). Once a individual post something about another individual, people will eat it up. Some might have their common sense but most will eat what the media has been shown to them. That’s why here are some methods on how to consume credible media. Check if the site itself was verified as an actual website that people can trust to look into for news.Research about the topic if it was true or not or use app that can identify fake news. Usually in every fake news website, there would a lot of ads of other fake news or products for users to buy. Not only that but the website might have a donation page to support the ongoing work they have done on the website itself.


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  1. Thank you for your blog post discussing the topic of “New Media.” I have read your response and have the following feedback for you.

    – You do not seem to understand what “New Media” is based on your example
    – You do not really show how media usage/consumption is fragmented and how we use different hardware and software for different purposes
    – More suggestions on how to consume media in a healthier manner would have strengthened this post.
    – You need spaces after your periods before you begin new sentences
    – You have not integrated a quotation into your writing, as per the instructions

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol
    English Teacher

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