racism then vs racism now


I believe racism is the same as it is now.

It has become more hidden, and people try to say that it has changed but it has not. There is still slavery, still people cannot go into stores without causing a ruckus. Even how we wear our hair. We have been given more opportunities but even when we take one foot forward  we take ten steps back. As we had leaders and groups like Malcolm x and the black panthers, we have new groups to fight the brutalities of those in power like the black lives matter movement. But our protest of our injustice is being clouded with the movement of the all lives matter response. I believe the scariest thing is when a president says both the nazis/kkk and the black lives matter movement were both at fault. Back then the presidents did not do that. But actually brought in police  to protect the black population like president jfk. As well as cultures try to take things from the black people that were deemed ugly and is now very popular like big lips. I myself had comments on things like my hair and was made fun of but now those who made fun of me now want their hair like me,as they have seen white celebrities have their hair like mine. As well as going to stores we are automatically labeled as thivies and store owners follow us , similar to back then when they were not even allowed to try on the clothes. People see black people as scary, but we should be afraid of them. Do you even hear that they found a black man with 20 bodies in his house slim to none. As well as here in the western cultures we are the minorities. This why rascim has not changed.

Car buying experience



Car Buying Experience

Planning 10

1. Based on the car/truck you select, complete the following categories. Be sure to use the following web site (or a similar one) for your calculations:


Option # Make & Model Year Invoice Price Down Payment Interest Rate Total Interest Paid
Monthly payment Total # of Months to Pay Off loan Total Amount paid for vehicle Choice Number
Ford Escape XLT
2012 9250 1500 3.45 Percent 146 658 12 months 9004 3
Link: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/search/cta?query=ford+escape+xlt&min_price=9250&max_price=9250&min_auto_year=2012&max_auto_year=2012
Honda Civic Coupe

2007 4500 1500 20 Percent 335 278 12 months 3613 1
Link: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/d/2007-honda-civic-coupe/6566828100.html
2008 9995 1500 20 Percent 948 787 12 months 10 230 4
Link: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/d/2008-bmw-x5-fully-loaded/6572833708.html
4 Mazda 3

2010 5500 1500 20 percent 446 371 12 months 4 817 5
Link: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/d/2007-honda-civic-coupe/6566828100.html
2011 8000 1500 20 Percent 725 602 12 months 7827 2

2. Which vehicle did you choose to buy and explain your reasons why.
The reason why I choose the BM X 5 is, even though it was the most expensive out of all of them. It was the most practical for my life; it has seven seats so it could fit my whole family in it. As well, it has a lot cool ad-on’s, for example a tv ,heated seats and a navigation seats. Moreover, for this price I believe that is pretty good.

Science 10

Traits :

Face Shape:Round

Chin Prominence :Very prominent

Chin Shape : Round

Cleft Chin: Absent

Skin Color : Light brown

Hair Texture : Straight

Widow’s Peak: Straight

Eyebrow Color: Medium

Eyebrow Thickness: Fine

Eyebrow Placement : Not connected

Eye Color: Light blue

Eye Distance Apart :Average distance

Eye Size: Large

Eye Shape: almond

Eye Slanted-ness: straight

Mouth Size: Average

Lip Thickness: Thick

Dimples: Present

Nose Size: Small

Nose Shape: Rounded

Nostril Shape: Rounded

Earlobe Attachment: Free earlobe

Darwin’s Ear points: Absent

Ear Pits: Absent

Hairy Ears : Absent

Cheek Freckles: Yes

Forehead Freckles: Absent

1. Using specific examples from the activity, explain the following terms:
a. Allele -one of two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome.
b. Homozygous-is a word that refers to a particular gene that has identical alleles on both homologous chromosomes. It is referred to by two capital letters (XX) for a dominant trait, and two lowercase letters (xx) for a recessive trait.
c. Genotype the genetic constitution of an individual organism.
d. Dominant-have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.
e. Phenotype -the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.
f. Recessive- relating to or denoting heritable characteristics controlled by genes that are expressed in offspring only when inherited from both parents, i.e., when not masked by a dominant characteristic inherited from one parent.
The genetics term heterozygous refers to a pair of genes where one is dominant and one is recessive — they’re different
2. Explain the genotypes and phenotypes of skin color. Summarize the relationship between the number of active genes and color of skin.

Skin color is influenced by many genes, as well as a multifactorial inheritance, meaning environmental factors influence it.

1. Include a drawing of your child with as much detail as possible.

2. Include a short description of the traits your child has.

3. Answer the following questions:
a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?

well the coin flip relate to the probability of a 50,50 chance of the child like there are two parents there is two sides of  a coin.
b. How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life?

kind of now a days you can chose what your child can look like but you cannot chose all their traits. But it is also not like real lofe because if you were to have a biological child it would have at least one of more of your traits.
c. Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from?

beacuse some people believe that you should not change yourself and accept who you are.




English 10

I stand outside the water dripping down the brim of my big black coat
Dreaming of hot pepermint tea and a good book
One after another the jumpers jump like tigers prancing on their prey
The soft sand taking in their foot prints drinking it all up
But I stand wishing for this to end
My body is shaking in the the cold
Kicking myself for doing this deed
Then something caught my eye
My mother
My saviour coming to take me home


Career and Conversations response

For the careers and conversation, some of the people I talked to was Mike Whitaker, who is a quizmaster, which is cool. What fun job is that, he said he loves his job but when it comes to office work, it is not favorite part of the job. One thing is that his parents supported him through his choice to work as quizmaster. Another person who I talked and stood out to me was Rory Morgan, he is lawyer but not just an ordinary lawyer, and he is an injury lawyer. He has been a lawyer for almost 19 years. That is very long time; I like how he still finds joy going to work after so many years. One people who I talked to who gave me some wise words was Cathy Chapell, who is a doping control officer, ethics in sport learning facilitator and coach. Said to me when I get nervous do something before I play to relax me. Sadly, the people who were there had no careers that I would consider doing. Well for me I did not really care for it because the profession that were there was not really to my interest.  Nevertheless, many of friends enjoyed it and was valuable experience. One thing that I took away from this experience was that get uncomfortable talking to people who I have never met, but this forced me to look people in the eye.

Science 10

Today in science class we did an experiment on if our boat would sink or not ,and how penny’s we could fit in the boat without it sinking. My hypothesis was that the boat was going to sink right away due to the weight of the pennies.  But I was wrong it actually held 20 pennies. So my hypothesis was wrong, well kind of because our boat held the lowest amount of pennies. Due to our design of our boat.