Career and Conversations response

For the careers and conversation, some of the people I talked to was Mike Whitaker, who is a quizmaster, which is cool. What fun job is that, he said he loves his job but when it comes to office work, it is not favorite part of the job. One thing is that his parents supported him through his choice to work as quizmaster. Another person who I talked and stood out to me was Rory Morgan, he is lawyer but not just an ordinary lawyer, and he is an injury lawyer. He has been a lawyer for almost 19 years. That is very long time; I like how he still finds joy going to work after so many years. One people who I talked to who gave me some wise words was Cathy Chapell, who is a doping control officer, ethics in sport learning facilitator and coach. Said to me when I get nervous do something before I play to relax me. Sadly, the people who were there had no careers that I would consider doing. Well for me I did not really care for it because the profession that were there was not really to my interest.  Nevertheless, many of friends enjoyed it and was valuable experience. One thing that I took away from this experience was that get uncomfortable talking to people who I have never met, but this forced me to look people in the eye.

Science 10

Today in science class we did an experiment on if our boat would sink or not ,and how penny’s we could fit in the boat without it sinking. My hypothesis was that the boat was going to sink right away due to the weight of the pennies.  But I was wrong it actually held 20 pennies. So my hypothesis was wrong, well kind of because our boat held the lowest amount of pennies. Due to our design of our boat.

life is about experiences


first day of public school

I was in this humongous maze endeavoring to figure which way to go; my head was spinning like a merry go round. I smelt the desperation, the trepidation, the dubiousness of the students like mechanical robots following the orders of some unknown master that we will never meet, to deduce which way they wanted to go as if their life depended on it. Moreover, like them my feet carried me into this deep dark bland helpless abyss. Alone like a rose in a field of weeds, I trekked to my first class, the students turned like integrators their ocular perceivers like little beads, priced through my heart, feeling like they kenned my deepest secrets yare to apportion it with the of rest the world. I advanced to the farthest desk, its was grey as the empyrean outside and twice as hard. I sat as if the ground was on fire and cogitated how to get of this death aperture. Then the teacher , waltz in and took his place in the front of the classroom, like a general commanding his army. As I heedfully auricular discerned his monotone voice , all I aurally perceived was my pounding of my heart, as he asked the girl contiguous to with her dark hair and fawn like nasal perceiver to expound something about herself, typical. Oh, no it is my turn I verbalized in my head I stood up my legs shaking, racking my encephalon about what I should verbally express. like a robot I rerated to the class that I play sports, and I sat down as expeditious I had gotten up. Ring, ring went the bell telling us that the class was over, the sound of the ring ricocheted off the walls and into the my auditory perceivers. We bunched up like ant magnetized to sugar and sprinted out like a gun shooting out of a barrel, off to our next class. I can breath now, I have spare I maneuvered over to Lrc to eschew the contamination of so many people. I scurried in and sat very expeditiously like lightning , in the very back of this dispiriting classroom stack row upon rows like in a prison cell, or like an office, and this is just me endeavoring to make the best of an egregious situation at least I have privacy. I have visually perceived all the generals edifiers for today except one has he verbalized I could aurally perceive the chiming the bells in London “ aliment the birds ,tuppence a bag. As my teacher explained  what he wanted us to do. Whew I could feel the sweat running down my face like Niagara falls . I was no longer convoluted up in knots we did not have to introduce ourselves to the class thank God. The time flew by like a speeding train and without it knowing it was gym. My sacred my place, like that of a temple for a monk. It reminded me of the first time I stepped into BC Place only it had wooden bleachers, it was filled to the brim with students, with their own friends, and me with the spot light shining solely on me the outsider fresh meat. I perched quietly on top of the bench, lurking and optically canvassing the kafuffle. Determinately, I exclaimed has I optically discerned a familiar face it was like I just won the lotto (which I have never played before). It’s my basketball coach who is also my p.e as well. As he explicated his prospects I fought myself from jumping up and exclaiming my exhilaration has , the bell rang, I rushed out. Then suddenly with each step I stared to feel like there 50lbs suddenly annex to each of my legs I was getting more proximate to the dungeon math class that was the final class of the day,My most dread class ever. As I gradually made my way ambulated into the classroom was spacious with quotes and some pictures with two girls beaming in them. I came to halt as I read the white board with immensely colossal, TV on it. There was the most dread thing of them all, assigned seating. Everything went red I commenced to aurally perceive Sirens my world started   to spin I sat down it stop instantaneously has my button hit the seat I look contiguous to me there was this boy with brown hair and earring wearing boy sitting just starring I just starred additionally. The teacher was very bubbly as she explicated like the other teachers what we would be learning and so on and so on. Ring, ring went the school bell the sound filling my auditory ears like honey, saccharine has it trickles out of the jar while your tough wait with great anticipation . Conclusively taking me out my misery, I cerebrated. So as my day came to a close, I came a realization, maybe public isn’t so deplorable, and just maybe the classrooms are quite cheery, and just maybe I will even relish it here. Maybe just maybe I will like it here.

Week 10 in math 10

this week we focused trinomials we had to brush  up on factors because every question had do with factors . If we did not know factors then you will be having a hard time⏰ because some questions you could not do. Also the last thing I learned was how to factor simple trinomials at first I was confused 🤷‍♀️ on how to do some questions but it was just the answer to the questions. This is what learned this week.

Math 10 week 9

this week in in learned about polynomials it difficult at first but then I got a hand in it. One of the things I learned was how to solve questions 1.h on page 295.

(4m + 3n)(4m – 3n)

first the 4m multiply and 4m then -3n which is

16m2 – 12mn

then you multiply 3n and 4 m and then multiply 3n and – 3n which is

+12nm- 9n


and because -12mn+12mn are like numbers they cancel each other out and the answer is


by Doing the claw it makes it easier to see what you are multiply together.