week 17 – math 10

Last week we finished up learning about arithmetic sequences and more specifically what the terms are and how they relate to numbers in the sequence. An arithmetic sequence is a pattern that goes up or down by the same amount, so only add and subtract, the first number of the pattern is called term 1 […]

week 15 – math 10

Last week in I learned how to solve systems using elimination. Same as substitution you need two equations but for this, you need to create a zero pair either with the x or the y, for example like -7 and 7. Once you make the zero pair who cross them out and then add all […]

week 14 – math 10

This week in math I learned how to substitute linear equations. Substitution is when you take one thing out and replace it with something else, and for this unit, it is exactly the same, instead, we do it with equations. First, we start with 2 equations and then we chose with one we want to […]

week 13 – math 10

This week in math I learned 3 different types of linear equations. The 3 forms are ->  point-slope form, general form and slope y-intercept. They may a little confusing but in the end, they all mean the same thing. First point slop form (when doing this equation you must inverse the signs they originally came […]