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Shrinky Art – Scale Math lab

This is my summery for the Shrinky art lab we did in math. The book was similar to the original, but the pencil was not. The scale factor for the book is 0.86. For the pencil, the length, was by 0.7. Things that would change the outcome would be: The type of plastic, the shape of the plastic, and  dents. looking the clasmates projects, more thing the might change the outcome would be color. IF I got the chance to do this again, this is what I would change: I would use different plastic, but a hole in the plastic, put the plastic in as a different shape.

The first photo is after, the second is before

term one relection

I fell like i have developed a lot this past term. I know now how to multiply, Devide, Add, and subtract polynomials. I find that I have a lot better understanding of exponents. I some times exualy find math fun. I don’t engoy starting my math home work, but when i start, I’m really good. I have had a good time in the first term with math.

Digital foot print

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?Give at least two examples.

Our digital foot print can affect our future opportunities no matter if it is negative, positive or non existent.  Our digital footprint can affect what job we  get. If your employer looks at your foot print and it is negative, inappropriate or a bad influence,  they will not want to hire you because you seem like a person not  fit for the job. If  your employer looks at your foot print and it is positive, you are involved in the community or professional, you will probably be hired. If your employer looked for your digital foot print and they can’t find one,  then they will favor you over someone with a negative foot print, but favor someone with a positive foot print over you.


Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

These are my three strategies for keeping your digital footprint appropriate and safe.  My first strategy is never  post things that are not true. My second strategy is to only post things that put you in a positive light.  My last strategy is to not comment on anyone’s post if it is mean or hurtful.  You should ignore the mean or hurtful post and if necessary report it to the proper authorities.


What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? how would you go about telling them?

I learned that it is good to post things on your edublog and use it to your advantage. Also, that nothing posted if every private  and there is no way to keep posts private, sometimes this can be good for you or bad so think before you post. I will help teach others by directing them to this blog post and by conducting myself appropriately online at all times.