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Shrinky Art – Scale Math lab

This is my summery for the Shrinky art lab we did in math. The book was similar to the original, but the pencil was not. The scale factor for the book is 0.86. For the pencil, the length, was by 0.7. Things that would change the outcome would be: The type of plastic, the shape of the plastic, and  dents. looking the clasmates projects, more thing the might change the outcome would be color. IF I got the chance to do this again, this is what I would change: I would use different plastic, but a hole in the plastic, put the plastic in as a different shape.

The first photo is after, the second is before

community communications

For my community communications project I interviewed Sheri Smeltzer. She works as an EA in the school system. She helps kids with special needs in school. When I asked to interview her, she was happy to do so. I wanted to interview Sheri because I fell a connection with kids, and I enjoy being around them. The following is the interview (Q = question A = summary answer).

Q: Why are you passionate about your job?

A: She developed a passion for helping kids at a young age when she found that she can connect with kids. Helping kids had a special place in her heart.

Q: What have you faced to get you where you are today?

A: She started  classes for teaching, but she was not enjoying it. She then went to be a nanny for 2 years. She then saw an add for a special needs assistant and Sheri knew that she wanted to work with special needs. In high school, she worked 2 special needs kids as a volunteer and really liked it.

Q: What advice would you pass on to someone interested is what you are doing?

A: There is a few things that you will need: stickers, be open to using toys, good foot wear, a change of clothes, and swim suite in your car. You should also be prepared for a lot of different situations. You should also ask lots of questions during your practicum.

Q: What kind of personality traits do you need for your job?

A: You need to be patient, understanding, quick thinking, flexible, and sensitive. You need to have a good sense of humor as well.

Q: How does it make you feel to help kids?

A: It makes Sheri fell warm and fuzzy!  She also said her job is satisfying and rewarding. She feels that she is doing something good as that the kids she helps teach her so much.

Q: Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

A: No thanks.

This is my reflection on the project. I learned that I could go into this job and do just fine because I have a lot of the personality traits that are helpful. I’m confident the Sheri could be a mentor for me and I would fell confident contacting her again if I have questions. I think that it would make me feel good to help kids who have special needs  because I would be giving back to the world. I think that EA’s are underappreciated because I didn’t realize that so much went into the job. It connects to my interests because, yet again, I like to be with kids because they make me happy. I also like to help people. It makes me fell good to contribute.

Prediction on how the British will govern Quebec

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec.  I have chosen the policy of Isolation to ensure the colony is properly run. I believe that Isolation is the best method because we will not have to worry about the other peoples. Everybody can go about their days as normal, but they must stay on their territory. I feel that we should have a good reputation in this land and that is why I did not go with Deportation or Assimilation. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is Isolation. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.

P.S.: This is Amy. I personally don’t believe in the governing policy I chose. I was writing how they would think in that time. If it were now a days, I would choose maintain the status-quo or Biculturalism. I just thought I should say that.

term one relection

I fell like i have developed a lot this past term. I know now how to multiply, Devide, Add, and subtract polynomials. I find that I have a lot better understanding of exponents. I some times exualy find math fun. I don’t engoy starting my math home work, but when i start, I’m really good. I have had a good time in the first term with math.

Resurrection of extinct animals

Below, is my science 9 research Infographic. For the last week, my class has been doing a project on genetic modification. I did a project on: If we could bring back extinct organisms, how would they be able to adapt to present day conditions? I had a lot of fun working on and making this project and with my partner. I now know a lot. I hope you like my project!

My reflection

DEFINE: Outline the specifics of the problem.

My question is: If we could use technology to bring back extinct organisms, would they be able to adapt to present day conditions? To find the answer to this question I had to find out: how we could resurrect extinct organism, how would we take care of them. We chose this question because my partner and I wanted to do something about animals. This is relevant because cloning technology is being perfected and we need to know about it.


DISCOVER: Question and Investigate the issue. What are the underlying issues? Who is affected? What stances have certain countries taken on the issue? What other questions need to be researched to get the information needed to take a stand?

If we where to bring extinct organisms back, there would be no natural predators, so they would over populate and become an invasive species and maybe kill off another species. Also, we could bring back a virus. We know the France where the first people to successfully make a hybrid baby of an extinct species, however, it died after 10 minutes of living.


DELIVER: Share your opinion though an infographic. Use a format that is as effective as possible. Include media that gets your ideas across

I decided to make my infographic this way to make it visually appealing. I picked imaged that matched what the section was about. For example: a light bulb for ideas.


DEBRIEF: Reflect on quality of the product and the process you went through.

I fell like I produced a really nice looking infographic. I fell like I could have added more colour to it and made the font a little bigger, but other then that it is really good

Riverside CC Self-Assess-1950gvj