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mind map relection

For my assignment, I decided to do the mind map and I decided to use bubbles. I like how easy bubbles is to use. I don’t like the automatic colour options. I had to dig into what the character and understand why she did the things that she did. I don’t think I would use this website again because I have a perfectly good program already on my laptop. I think I would redo this assignment in the future when we understand the characters more. I used growth mindset when I was wiling to use the different website.

Humanity Exposed

The book Wonder, written by R. J. Palacio, follows the story of August (Auggie), a boy with a rare birth defect that makes his face look weird. The story follows his adventures throughout middle school, through the perspectives of Auggie, his friends and his family. At first, his classmates feared him because he looked weird. Eventually, August started to make more friends due to his personality and other people’s kindness. August’s limited number of friends got bullied and isolated due to their association with him. After some rough patches, August and his friends stood up to the bullies. Humans can be very judgmental. This book shows us that if we take the time to get to know people who are different, they can turn out to be amazing people.