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detergent inguiry

My answers to the detergent Inquiry experiment

  1. We began this inquiry with the wonder question: does the materials in the detergents, the fabric, the amount of detergent and water temperature affect the cleaning ability. Does the price have anything to do with the after math of the cleaning. Does the detergent work on different types of stains or different sizes of stains. This did influence the way I designed the experiment because I always had lots of wonder questions in my head.
  2. The research helped plan the experiment because I now know what kind of ingredients there are, what is advertised what it is supposed to do and things like that.
  3. The independent variables were: the fabric, the sized the type of stain, the amount of water, the water temperature, how we mixed and how long we mixed. The dependent variable was the detergent that we used.
  4. The hypothesis that my group and I used was: when cleaning the Coke stained cloth, we think that Tide will clean the best.
  5. My group and I made sure to fill the beaker up to a certain line, using the same amount of soap in a graduated cylinder .
  6. The new wonder questions this inquiry led me to are as follows: how would the same detergent work against different kinds of stains, would the experiment work out the same if we put things in a different order, if we mixed it differently, if we wring out the towel before we put it in? I wonder if we used 2 different kinds of detergents in the same wash, how would it work out? I would want to see of 1 detergent does against different stains.
  7. I feel the the group could have worked better together. I felt like one person took charge and made it not too fun, some people did not pull their weight and some people were confused. The skill I was able to bring to my group was my organization skills, I tried my best to keep people on task.

Here is my summary/report of the inquiry

The purpose of the Inquiry for my group was to find out if what is advertised of the detergent in true, while fight agent Coke. The material list goes as follows: 1 10ml graduated cylinder, 4 beakers, the 4 detergents (Sunlight Morning F, Tide Cold Water, Western Family Ultra detergent), sink Tupperware container, 1.25L of Coca Cola, Rag divided and cut into 4 square pieces, paper folded and cut into 4 pieces, pencil, paper towel. To keep ourselves safe we wore safety glasses. Here is the procedure:

  1. The night before, cut rag into 4 square pieces and put them into Tupperware container. 2. Pour the 1.25L of coca cola into the Tupperware container. 3. The next day, measure out 7

millilitres of tide detergent into a graduated cylinder. 4. Take one square of the rag out of the Tupperware container, DON’T RING IT OUT, and put it into a 500 ml beaker . 5. Fill the beaker up to the 300 ml mark with water. 6. Pour the Tide in the graduated cylinder into the beaker .  7. Mix the beaker for 3 minutes. 8. Use paper and pencil and write  down Tide and place in front of beaker .  9. Let sit. 10. Repeat steps 3 to 9 for the other 3 detergents, make sure to write down the name of the detergent you are using in step 8. 11. Once all 4 detergents are done, take out the cloth from the beaker . 12. Over sink, ring out and rinse out. 13. Place over 2 paper towels. 14. Repeat steps 11 to 13 for the other 3 pieces.

Miss. Rilston character skech

The Friday Everything Changed

Understanding, kind and firm, the qualities that make a good teacher. I will be writing about Anne Hart’s: The Friday Everything Changed. The setting is after World War 2, in the early 1950’s. The story takes place in a small town close to Toronto, in a small, one room school house. The older boys go to get the water, however, one day the girls want to get the water too. Miss. Ralston is a young, assertive, and courageous teacher in this story, who believes in equal rights for both boys and girls. Miss. Ralstonis young because the narrator said the she just finished grade 11 the past year: “Because she was young (she’d just finished grade 11 the year before herself – River Hibbert had fancy things like grade 11).” (page 5). This reminds me of Miss Shields from the movie A Christmas Story.  In this movie, Miss Shields was a young and strict teacher and she would do what she needed to do.  Miss Ralston also does what she needs to do.  Miss. Ralston is assertive because on her first day of teaching, the older boys where being bad and she strapped a lot of them to get them to listen: “But she ….. after she’d strapped most of them up at the front of the room before our very eyes (and even the little kids could see that it really hurt)…” (page 5). Miss Ralston is courageous because when she hit the home run she proved that girls can do what boys can do. This reminds me of athlete Jennie Finch Daigle, a base ball player because of her skill.  After, she said that the girls could carry the water, she challenged the tradition of the school:

“For a fleeting moment we had a glimpse of what life might be like in River Hibbert and then Miss. Ralston hit the ball….. Hitting the ball into the ox pasture happened maybe once a year….. “Next week” said Miss Ralston, ….. “next week Alma Niles and Joyce Shipley will go get the water.”” (page 10 and 11).

Miss. Ralston believes in equal right for boys and girls, she was able to use her personal experiences to prove that girls can do what boys can do.

Digital foot print

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?Give at least two examples.

Our digital foot print can affect our future opportunities no matter if it is negative, positive or non existent.  Our digital footprint can affect what job we  get. If your employer looks at your foot print and it is negative, inappropriate or a bad influence,  they will not want to hire you because you seem like a person not  fit for the job. If  your employer looks at your foot print and it is positive, you are involved in the community or professional, you will probably be hired. If your employer looked for your digital foot print and they can’t find one,  then they will favor you over someone with a negative foot print, but favor someone with a positive foot print over you.


Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

These are my three strategies for keeping your digital footprint appropriate and safe.  My first strategy is never  post things that are not true. My second strategy is to only post things that put you in a positive light.  My last strategy is to not comment on anyone’s post if it is mean or hurtful.  You should ignore the mean or hurtful post and if necessary report it to the proper authorities.


What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? how would you go about telling them?

I learned that it is good to post things on your edublog and use it to your advantage. Also, that nothing posted if every private  and there is no way to keep posts private, sometimes this can be good for you or bad so think before you post. I will help teach others by directing them to this blog post and by conducting myself appropriately online at all times.

the loss of scenses and memory

disappeared I found an article on what it is like to lose smell, It’s called Anosmia. If you have Anosmia, You can’t smell your grandma’s pie, and the pie tastes flavorless. Sometimes, People with Anosmia, even experience distortions of smell, this is called Parosmia, they are typically unpleasant smells. Smell is such a big part of memory, this would cause a lot of problems with your life. But, this got me thinking, what would it be like if you lose one of your 5 senses, and how would it affect your memory? Some kind of a what if scenario but at the end I will tell you about the disorder caused this. So lets get started.

The visual sense, it lets you see all around. but what would life be like if your sight, just disappeared or gradually got worse? You would not be able or barely see anything. Life would be much more dangerous when you can’t sea. You probably need someone with you at all times. You could recognize someone by their voice, or just make the person out, but you could not see them fully. You would need to learn to live buy your other senses. the complete blindness can be caused by something called glaucoma. Glaucoma dose not have you lose vision right away, it happens over time, so my what of scenario was not 100% accurate. What causes glaucoma is extra liquid builds up and puts pressure on the eye and eventually brake the connection to the brain. Semi blindness come from catarcks. Cataracks occurs when the lens of the eye slowly mists over and becomes less clear. how would this effect our memory? well, People do not remember much of what they see but this will take away a part of life.

The gustatory sense or the sense of taste. This is what it is like if you lost your sense of taste.  Every new food that you tried would be or almost flavorless. Even your favorite food would not taste the same as you remember. The disorder for weakening of the sense of taste is called Hypo gujiya, this usually happens as you age. the disorder of complete loss of taste is called Gujiya. how would this effect your memory? It would not efect your memory that much but it would make your childhood not fell too good, because you really liked candy and it would not taste the same.

The somatic sense or the sense of touch. This is what it would be like of you lost your sense of touch. If you do lose sense of touch you could not fell any thing, like pain or burns. However, you have no pain alert. for example: if you brake a bone you can not fell it. The disorder the caused this is called Congenital insensitivity, this is vary rare. How would this effect your memory? Not that much but you would not be able to fell comfort with a blanket.

The auditory scene or hearing. This is what it would be like if you could not hear. You would not be able to connect voices, noises, and song to people.  The disorder caused by this is called deafness. deafness is caused by damage to the complete of the ear or is a faulty gene.   How would this effect your memory? This would severely effect your memory. You would not be able to hold  songs to their heart.

my answers to the questions

  1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic? I needed to research about Memory and how it works, the 5 senses and how they work, and what is it like to live with out a sense.
  2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project? I used Gail ingaded lurning. it was fun trying to figure it out.
  3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic? I
  4. How did you verify and cite the information you  found? I wrote down all the information down on a word page and all the info.
  5. How did the process of completing

all about me

The intimidation of the long drive up to the towering mountain, was nerve wracking. The bright sun was covered by a blanket of gloomy clouds. The car vibrated above the spiky path. The sound of the tires shaking on the rocks was tense. The morning dew drafted throughout the car. My mouth was dry from the worrisome felling I was exhibiting. The rocky road was long and winding. Eventually, the red lodge, came into view. As I stepped out of the car and onto the ground I felt frightened. The cool breeze of the mountain was chilling, the sweater, jeans and jacket I was wearing was not enough. There was a long walk for my family and I to get to the lodge. When we Entered the lodge, it had a warm fire burning. The smell of fresh breakfast wafted to my nose. The wood floor was cozy. There were patient clerks serving noisy customers. The line to the reception was long and winding, like the road we had just traveled. The carpet under our feet was soft. The receptionist, looked tired, but still ready to help. Mom and Dad made the plan and payed the money. She told us where to go to get to the long gondola ride that awaited us. We had our tickets in hand while we were navigating threw the huge lodge. Once we arrived at our destination, we emerged into the wind of the gail forest. The short green grass was partially covered with white fluffy snow. The gravel leading to the gondola was cold and rigid. The beeping of the gondola as it started and stopped made me as nervous as a mouse. The air coming down from the mountain was cold. My mouth still dry, like a desert. The personnel working at the bottom told us to get on the gondola. When I stepped onto the gondola it rocked back and forth like a swing. The seats were soft and comfy. The air got colder as we climbed up the mountain. I had a nice drink of hot chocolate from a thermos. As we travelled up the mountain, we didn’t see any majestic animals. The air was so cold, that I had to put on fluffy toque and gloves. Although, the voyage up the mountain was only 10 minutes, it felt a lot longer. At the top of the mountain, when we emerged, the air was freezing. I had to put on a thick jacket and snow pants. Inside the gift shop, it was warm and inviting. I learned a lot in that room. After 2 long hours on the mountain it was time for us to go back down the mountain. The voyage down was the same as when we travelled up, another dragged on 10 minutes. Although it was freezing, I had a fun time on the top of the mountain, I learned a lot too. Also, I over came a fear that was hunting me.