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term one relection

I fell like i have developed a lot this past term. I know now how to multiply, Devide, Add, and subtract polynomials. I find that I have a lot better understanding of exponents. I some times exualy find math fun. I don’t engoy starting my math home work, but when i start, I’m really good. I have had a good time in the first term with math.

Character Sketch: Junior/Arnold

Character sketch


Have you ever wondered or experienced what it is like to have to go to a different school and leave all of your friends behind? If so, then you can sympathise with the main protagonist, Junior, of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Junior, or as he is known off the reserve Arnold, is a creative and determined person. In this story, Junior goes to the school on the Spokane Indian reservation then a teacher tells him to go to a school off the reserve so that he can be successful. Junior is creative because he likes to draw cartoons. Life on the reserve was hard for Junior so he uses his cartoons to escape from the world. “I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods, and my cartoons are tiny little life boats” page 6. Some of his drawings are included all throughout the book helping give your more context about how he feels. Junior is determined because he wants the right to do things. It started when he was only a baby, he was born with too much spinal fluid in his brain, or as he calls it having “water on the brain”. He had to have a surgery to get it removed. After the surgery, he was supposed to have major brain damage and live the rest of his life as a vegetable, but that did not happen. However, he did have some seizures, but they stopped as he grew older. Later, he was determined to be successful, so, he decided to go to school off the reserve. He fought for respect while he was at Reardan, that is the school he went to off the reserve, and he got it. Junior is a fun and believable character that everyone can find a way to connect with.

Resurrection of extinct animals

Below, is my science 9 research Infographic. For the last week, my class has been doing a project on genetic modification. I did a project on: If we could bring back extinct organisms, how would they be able to adapt to present day conditions? I had a lot of fun working on and making this project and with my partner. I now know a lot. I hope you like my project!

My reflection

DEFINE: Outline the specifics of the problem.

My question is: If we could use technology to bring back extinct organisms, would they be able to adapt to present day conditions? To find the answer to this question I had to find out: how we could resurrect extinct organism, how would we take care of them. We chose this question because my partner and I wanted to do something about animals. This is relevant because cloning technology is being perfected and we need to know about it.


DISCOVER: Question and Investigate the issue. What are the underlying issues? Who is affected? What stances have certain countries taken on the issue? What other questions need to be researched to get the information needed to take a stand?

If we where to bring extinct organisms back, there would be no natural predators, so they would over populate and become an invasive species and maybe kill off another species. Also, we could bring back a virus. We know the France where the first people to successfully make a hybrid baby of an extinct species, however, it died after 10 minutes of living.


DELIVER: Share your opinion though an infographic. Use a format that is as effective as possible. Include media that gets your ideas across

I decided to make my infographic this way to make it visually appealing. I picked imaged that matched what the section was about. For example: a light bulb for ideas.


DEBRIEF: Reflect on quality of the product and the process you went through.

I fell like I produced a really nice looking infographic. I fell like I could have added more colour to it and made the font a little bigger, but other then that it is really good

Riverside CC Self-Assess-1950gvj