math 10 – week 14 – slope

This week in math 10 we learned different ways to calculate slope. Slope is presented in the form of rise over run () or y over x ( ).

The first way is counting. We will be solving the slope of this picture

The first step is to find the some reasonable integer coordinates that the line passes over.


The next step is to count the rise and the run

The rise of the slope is 4 and the run of the slope is 2. The fraction would be 4/2.


The second way is to use math. I will show a step by step lesson in how to solve the slope of: (2,10) and (6,17)

Before the math, this is the equation to use to solve for slope:


The first thing to do is a basic recommendation. Highlight the y factors in each equation. We are used to dealing with x first.

(2,10) (6,17)

Second plug the coordinate into the equation.


Lastly solve


Sometimes the fraction can be simplified but that is not the case here.

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