Math 10 – week 13 – analysis

This week in math team we learned how to dissect graphs and connect it to a story. Here the graphs that we will be dissecting.

George and his family watched a movie together and the graph show the relationship between the amount of popcorn and time.

We can dissect George’s graph first. It starts on the y axis so we can assume he has a full bole of popcorn at the start of the movie. The line on the graph goes down really fast and ends up the x axis really early so we can deduce that he ate all of his pop corn really fast.

Know lets dissect George’s sister’s graph. Her graph starts at the same place as before, so she had a full bole of popcorn at that start of the movie. her graph is really curvy, so we can assume that she was eating the popcorn slowly at times and fast too.

Geroge’s dad’s graph is next. There is a strate line in the graph so he did not eat any popcorn for a while.

Gorege’s mom did not get her pop corn right at the star of the movie, I know this because it dose not start at the y-axis. There is a long strate line and we can

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