Math 10 – week 12 – function notation

This week in math we learned how to write function notation. There are 3 different types, equation, mapping, and function notation.

1: equation


You can input any number in this equation and there will be no overlapping outputs. This is the t-chart for the equation that can then be charted on a plane

x y
-3 -11
-2 -6
-1 -1
0 4
1 9
2 14
3 19


2: mapping

This is the same equation but in map notation: f:(x)→5x+4

The f at the start is the name of the function (eg: g,h,k). the arrow means happed onto. So if I where to use function f to solve if x=3, it would look like this:




3: function

This is what the same equation would look like in function notation: f(x)=5x+4

The function still has a name(f) and the equal sign(=) is mapped onto.

This is what it looks like to solve if x=3:




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