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I am a grade 11 student at Riverside Secondary School. I love to write and design PowerPoints and infographics. In my free time I play Soccer and am on the Riverside Field Hockey team.

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The Price of Peace

The world was once green It still is – In a way Except it’s the mind that’s green now Green greed Dollar sign pupils Designer model peoples I can’t tell What we want more Life or luxury A life of luxury? But is it really living When the other side’s...

The Sapphire Flutterer

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Halloween Photoshop Assignment

  Fireball Courtesy of https://www.mariowiki.com/fireball     What did you learn? How can you apply this? During this assignment, I learned how to work with some basic photoshop tools and also worked on color pairing skills. I used the color pairing...

STI Project – HIV

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Elsie’s Poem – By Ammarah


What Darwin Never Knew

         Darwin’s theory of evolution was found to be correct. The ability for a single organism to develop into different types or change over a period of time to better suit their environment or habits. An example of this can be found in land animals as...

Getting to Know Me


Life Science 11 Kingdom Classification

Animalia Blue Angel – Glaucus atlanticus The Blue Angel belongs to Kingdom Animalia as it moves through water using its beautiful fins. It eats special types of jellyfish known as hydrozoans but in some circumstances it can be a cannibal and eat its own despite...

COVID – 19 Time Capsule Booklet CC Reflection

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Camping by the beach