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Grade 10

Tennis Tournament

5-Pin World Bowling Championship Assignment

Here is the video of my 5-Pin Bowling Championship:

Terraforming the Moon – Wonder Project 2020

Can we terraform the Moon to make it habitable for humans? Can we create lakes and environments for us to live in on the Moon to make it look a little more like this? Well, according to research, while it… Continue Reading →

Climate Change and Population

To what extent has the climate changed? Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels? Yes, there is a connection between the temperature of the world and the CO2 levels because when the CO2 levels began to rise, so… Continue Reading →

Synthesis Essay Corrections

  Essay Corrections Things I am Proud of My conclusion and my introduction were written relatively well. It was my first time writing a synthesis essay and I liked my topic ideas. Things to Improve Make sure that the sentences… Continue Reading →

Creative Competency – Spoken Word

Aboriginal Apology Letter

On behalf of all of Canada, we are sorry for the mistreatment of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. Sorry for putting down your culture and traditions, despite the warm welcome we had been given from you. Sorry for the years… Continue Reading →

Gender Expression

“ Sarah Connor The character that I chose was Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) from the Terminator series because I had watched the movies and looked up to her for a long time. Connor stood out from the movies… Continue Reading →

Was the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan a “necessary evil”?

I decided to ask my good friend Zainab if she thought the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the end of WW2 was really a “necessary evil” and after a bit of background information, this was her response;   She… Continue Reading →

PoCo Archives

This source is explaining that because so many Canadians had died in the war, the life insurance industry has been struggling to keep up. However, Mr. Smith, the President of the Life Insurance Officers Association believes that the companies will… Continue Reading →

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