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All the Light We Cannot See

Core Competent Canadians

  Reflection: 1. What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn? I knew that it is a reflection process, but I learned that many famous Canadians actually show the qualities that the core… Continue Reading →

The Veldt Summative Assignment

Imagine a World We used to tell our kids to imagine a world Of princesses and dragons, But we should try to imagine, not a world of fantasy, but of reality. Imagine a world, Where the only smiles we show are… Continue Reading →

Learning from a Guitar Player

The article that I decided to review was one I found called “5 LIFE LESSONS I LEARNED FROM PLAYING GUITAR” by Mark Manson. Why This Article? One of the things that drew me to this article (besides the author, he… Continue Reading →

Grammar Video Project – Introductory Phrases, Sentence Fragments and Complete Sentences

Our Video   Written Portion Our grammar rules are introductory phrases, sentence fragments, and complete sentences. These topics are all connected and very important as they are used daily, and help the reader comprehend what the text is about.   Introductory Phrases The first topic we explained… Continue Reading →

Community Connection

Who Did I Interview and Why? I interviewed Ms. Collins, Riverside’s ceramics teacher. (Her Riverside Blog) I wanted to get into ceramics as I like the idea of being able to make any sort of sculptures or pottery using your… Continue Reading →

Core Competencies; Self Assessment

Here is my core competencies self assessment:   Here is the assignment that I was reflecting on: You can find the original link to the post about acid rain in Canada here.

My Chemical

Here is my Sway project for science: It’s about Sodium Hypochlorite.  

Power Solution Fluency

Power Solution Fluency Assignment: Electricity, we all know what that is right? It’s the thing that powers all our homes, buildings and devices. It is all around us, of course you know what it is! But did you know about… Continue Reading →

TOKTW 2018

Take Our Kid To Work Assignment: The Assignment: You will be observing your host throughout the day, seeing what they do at their jobs, there are two parts to this assignment, The Interview and My Reflection. I don’t know about you,… Continue Reading →

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