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Aboriginal Apology Letter

On behalf of all of Canada, we are sorry for the mistreatment of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. Sorry for putting down your culture and traditions, despite the warm welcome we had been given from you. Sorry for the years… Continue Reading →

Gender Expression

“ Sarah Connor The character that I chose was Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) from the Terminator series because I had watched the movies and looked up to her for a long time. Connor stood out from the movies… Continue Reading →

Was the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan a “necessary evil”?

I decided to ask my good friend Zainab if she thought the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the end of WW2 was really a “necessary evil” and after a bit of background information, this was her response;   She… Continue Reading →

PoCo Archives

This source is explaining that because so many Canadians had died in the war, the life insurance industry has been struggling to keep up. However, Mr. Smith, the President of the Life Insurance Officers Association believes that the companies will… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg Project – The Orangeinator

The Orangeinator: The most complicated way to take a photo… using oranges. The Video: The Picture: Explanation: Types of energy: Our machine used  different types of energy, including; elastic, mechanical, gravitational, light, and sound. The different types of energy transformations are… Continue Reading →

Wonder Project

Question My question was: What new technology did WW1 introduce to war? The source that I thought best answered this question was   Summary The website I used talked about 12 technological advancements that WW1 introduced to the world… Continue Reading →


I am thankful for even being able to celebrate thanksgiving with all of my family members because there are people out there that don’t have food, shelter, or family to celebrate with. Many people also don’t have a safe and… Continue Reading →

My Photovoice Picture

The Photo: The Purpose:   The purpose of my photograph was to show how much litter was overlooked by people. At first glance, it might seem like a regular area, but if you look closely, you can see the amount… Continue Reading →

Fractured Poetry Bk B

The Three Words I Chose: Passion, Worn, Lively 1. Short reflection on why you chose those words and their impact I chose these words because they each made me feel a different emotion and they are all words that you… Continue Reading →

English Honours 9: Mini-Inquiry Project

Masterpiece By Aminat Barakhoeva 1) For just a second, imagine, 2) that you are an artist. 3) You must hand draw your story, 4) Building off from where you started.   5) Take out a pencil, 6) like a rock… Continue Reading →

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