To what extent has the climate changed?

  • Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels?

Yes, there is a connection between the temperature of the world and the CO2 levels because when the CO2 levels began to rise, so did the temperature in the graphs.


  • Is there a connection between population increase and CO2 levels?

Yes, because each person on average creates a certain amount of CO2 and as the population increases, so does the CO2 levels.


  • What are some of the impacts of climate change?

Drought, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, global warming, causing wildfires, stronger hurricanes, more extreme weather.

Based on the data, what should we do to lower CO2emissions?

Lower the population or lower the average person’s emissions in order to create less CO2 per person


See the Climate Causes below, which ones do you have control over?

The amount of plastic we use and don’t recycle, our car emissions, how we travel,


In what ways does Climate Change become an issue of class?

It becomes an issue of class when third world countries are more affected by the changing climate than the first world countries who are causing the most CO2 emissions in the first place. The third world countries also don’t have as much resources and services to protect themselves like fire fighters or hospitals.


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