The Photo:

The Purpose:


The purpose of my photograph was to show how much litter was overlooked by people. At first glance, it might seem like a regular area, but if you look closely, you can see the amount of cigarette buds and other pieces of trash in that patch of grass. People just smoke and litter all over the area and instead of cleaning it up, other people either ignore it or add to it.

We have learned about how different perspectives can affect how someone might perceive a photo. For my photo, a regular person might notice how pretty the sun looks first while an environmentalist might see the litter first. Another thing we learned is that photos are a way for the photographer to get their voices heard and their message across to the viewer. Also, we learned about how different angles of the same photo can change and manipulate the message of the photo, and how contrast and composition can be the message of the photo.

To sum up, I believe that our action plan could be gathering a bunch of volunteers to come and clean up the area, because there was more trash there than what the photo shows. We could have a “Sign up to Clean Litter” signup sheet at school so that anyone wanting to add to their volunteer hours can do so while also helping the environment.

The government could also start placing more trash cans around the area so people don’t become tempted to litter. They could just place one of those outdoor cigarette receptacles (which are like trash cans but for cigarettes) there so that people have a place to put out and throw away their cigarettes. Finally, If after all of this and still there is trash there, the government could just pass a law that fines people who litter.