The Three Words I Chose:

 Passion, Worn, Lively
1. Short reflection on why you chose those words and their impact

I chose these words because they each made me feel a different emotion and they are all words that you don’t ordinarily use. “Passion” and “lively” make me feel adventurous, since they are both such exciting words.  “Worn” is a nice word too because it gives me an old, vintage vibe, like describing something that’s antique.

2. What does this tell you about creating powerful poetry/pose?

This tells me that using certain words over others can really make your poetry more powerful and meaningful, and that you shouldn’t choose words randomly just to fill up space.

3. What can you take from this exercise?

That when you want to write poetry or stories, you need to let go of all judgement and just write. I also learned that what words you use and how you put them together matters when writing.


The Poem

Be aware of form eg. Blank areas , punctuation. Spacing, shape, word order.


Keychain Bow

By Aminat Barakhoeva

Thank you, Little bow

For following me

Wherever I went,

There, you would be


Whether on my zipper,

Or hugging my keys,

You were always there

With your fond memories


I first saw you in a store,

And I didn’t think much,

With your little silver chain

And smooth finishing touch


But now it’s been so long

And still, you have stayed.

Your passion amazes me,

And brightens my day.


Even with your frayed edges,

And color worn from old age

You still sway so lively,

Like a bird; free from a cage,


I’ve gone many places,

Many far from home

But because of you

I never felt alone.


So thank you, Loyal bow,

No matter what I’ve gone through

I know wherever I’ve been,

You’ve been there too.