“I Hate Procrastination”

I don’t know how to start this poem

But I do know that I should not be on my phone

Looking up “how to start a spoken word”

You see, I am a procrastinator.

That means I’m part lazy, and part faker

And I hate it.

Because I feel like a traitor to myself

I have enough work to fill my shelf

And non of it is getting done.

I hate looking at the clock

When I don’t know how to start

Every ten minutes

It feels like a taunt

Watching it tick tock by

Watching your classmates walk by

Because they finished it three weeks ago

And you feel like a rock.

I hate the stress.

If you don’t know what it feels like,

Its the same type of distress

You would feel when you’re defusing a bomb,

Trying to stay calm

While the timer ticks down

But your shaking hands

And racing mind

Makes it so hard

I hate the guilt

I felt like a Gardener who lets his plants wilt

I feel like a sled dog who picks

People up on his sled

But refuses to drop them off

Even when their destination,

is just a two minute walk

Sometimes, the weight can be too much

I hate the pain,

The black circles under my eyes

My body constantly cries

For sleep, it tries

To do it in class,

I hate the lies

Because it gives you a sense of accomplishment

When you do unproductive tasks under disguise

This can’t keep going on.

I hate the fear it comes with,

The tears from the stress of why can’t I just do it

Looking up how to not procrastinate

Is not productive

But I do it anyway

And soon mum comes it to say

Time to sleep, put it all away

I get ready for another sleepless night

And another useless day

I hate the excuses,

It’s everyone’s fault but my own

Always playing the victim,

Not open to criticism

I know it’s a twisted system, but it works for me.

It’s addictive

Even If I wanted to stop, I couldn’t

I’m too much of a chicken

I’ve always done this,

Waiting till the night before,

My bed calls for me But I ignore

Because sleep comes second.

But maybe I can finally end this Cold War

Maybe I can open a closed door

Maybe I can get off of the floor

And finally start working,

So I don’t have to hate any of this anymore.