Imagine a World

We used to tell our kids to imagine a world
Of princesses and dragons,
But we should try to imagine,
not a world of fantasy,
but of reality.
Imagine a world,
Where the only smiles we show are the fake ones
The only thing we know is how to take pictures
Wanting nothing more than to be famous
Remember back when we didn’t rely on  television to raise us?
When we would live in the moment
And not have to worry about updating our status,
Or measuring each other’s worth
Based on who’s following was the greatest.
Back when our world was half human
and half nature
Technology hadn’t completely taken over
And the connections we made weren’t just with wifi,
They were all much closer.
Imagine a world
Where our children throw a fit
When they don’t get
What they want.
Where their parents let them have
What they want,
Instead of what they need.
Where we cut down our trees
To make paper,
When we only write on our screens.
A world where
our generation of parents,
Or ‘generation of hypocrites,’
are more concerned about their media
then they are about their own kids,
Where our world is either an iOS or a galaxy,
technology is the sun
And we are the planets,
We revolve around what we worship
Purchase after purchase,
There is a new one every week.
Are these,
the consequences of selfishness and greed?
Imagine a place
Where imagination no longer exists,
And we all speak in letters and text,
A world where being a parent consists
Of pretending you are taking care of a child
While technology babysits
Our kids, they no longer think
For themselves,
For they no longer have to,
just the click-click-click of the keyboards
and the internet will think for you.
In a world full of comparison,
Adults are taking pictures
Rather than actually parenting.
They only care about sharing
The lives they don’t live.
What happened to this nation?
When the children end up with anxiety
The parents put the blame on society
“Why don’t our children go outside”
They ask while they are on their phones silently
Don’t they see the irony?
Don’t they see this insanity?
Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result
What happened to humanity?
Imagine this world,
For it is the world you live in,
And though you might not see it now,
Don’t be surprised when
One day you’ll look up,
One day, you’ll see children,
One day, you’ll reach out,
And feel plastic and wires,
Where there was once real skin.