Who Did I Interview and Why?

I interviewed Ms. Collins, Riverside’s ceramics teacher. (Her Riverside Blog)

I wanted to get into ceramics as I like the idea of being able to make any sort of sculptures or pottery using your own hands instead of buying it online. I chose Ms. Collins because not only is she a professional at making creations using clay, but she was also a teacher, and I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up.


Without further ado, here is the Interview: 

The Interview:


1. What are the roles and responsibilities that come with your job?

I am responsible to deliver curriculum that is set out by our Ministry of Education to all of the students that are enrolled in my classes.  I am responsible for evaluating each student’s performance in that curriculum, and reporting it accurately and on time.  I am responsible for preparing all of my lessons within that curriculum, for creating and maintaining a learning environment, and for supplying and preparing all materials and equipment required for the curriculum lessons.

Above: Photos of students from 3D Studio Arts.


2. Why are you passionate about your job?

Above: A photo of some of the work done in Studio Arts 10/11.

I find working with high school students to be fun, stimulating and rewarding.  They have so many fabulous ideas and experiences to share.  The culture of a high school embraces learning (which I am passionate about) and community (which I find is very important to my personal well-being).  Also, I am an artist, so I fundamentally believe that creative intelligence is the most important kind of intelligence to foster.

Above: More beautiful work done by the students of Studio Arts 11/10.


3. How long have you been working at your job?

I have been teaching in Coquitlam School district for 25 years.  I have been teaching at Riverside for 7 years.

Above: Riverside Secondary School, Ms. Collins’ workplace.


4. What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today?

I was born into a somewhat poor family. As well, I did not have role models to show me the “way” to a career.  It took me many years to earn enough money and get enough of a university degree to become a teacher.  I have come to deeply appreciate the power of education.


5. What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

Find a mentor, study, stay committed.  It is super important to know what you want to do in life, and then pursue it mightily.


6. Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you? 

You can contact me through my email on the Riverside school website.

Above: Some of the work done by fellow students.


What Did I Learn From This Interview?

This interview was  very meaningful to me and I definitely learned a lot of things; for one, I learned more about my teacher and her life outside of school. I think that people should really talk to their teachers more often so that they could see how different their life was than what you originally thought.

I also learned that Ms. Collins likes working with high school students as opposed to other grades. I found this interesting because I always believed that teachers disliked working with moody teenagers and preferred working with younger students.

Ms. Collins also mentioned something that I found very interesting, she said that she appreciates the ‘power of education’. This really connected with me as I didn’t know how important education was and how privileged we are to be able to go to school. I now see education in a new perspective and I hope to become a teacher one day.


What Opportunities Did This Interview Open Up?

This interview taught me that if you really want it, you could be whatever you want. Ms. Collins showed me that pottery is actually really fun and that it makes amazing results. I hope to become a teacher when I grow up and now I can ask her if I every need any help with becoming one!



I think that I have learned a lot from this interview and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to connect with my teacher! I hope you enjoyed reading this and you learned a little about what its like to be a Riverside Ceramics teacher! Note: All photos in this post were taken by me.


(Special thank to: Ms. Collins for doing this interview with me and being an amazing teacher overall!)