Hello! Its Aminat, and today, we are gonna talk about your digital footprint and answer some questions.

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

Well if you go around posting questionable things, then its on the internet forever, even if you delete it. Your future boss or employer might find it and decide not give you the job because of your *unprofessional* digital footprint.  If you start commenting rude things on other peoples posts, that an be used against you too.  A college can deny you because your footprint flags you as a “toxic” person. Also, you future relationships can ruined too, because everyone checks you out after the first date and can decide not to go on another. And last of many more, if you somehow dodged getting called out for the things you posted, remember, your future kids can view your internet use. So as you can see, maintaining your footprint is very important.

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe?

You can try these, my rules of thumb:

  • Before posting a picture or commenting on somebody’s post, think to yourself: “Will I regret this later?”

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  • Do not ever give any of your passwords out, and don’t give out your IPhone either. You shouldn’t give them to anyone, but please, especially keep them from these people; your younger siblings, your worst enemies, your older siblings (age doesn’t matter, they are both equally harsh,) your friends, your drunk friends, your drunk self, and last but definitely not least… your cat. (don’t fall for the cuteness!!)

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  • And last of all: Put all of your social media on private, or “only friends can view” mode, because once you go public, your social media, your whole life-(depending on how much you use it)-is open to ANYONE, (think about that for a second, around 84% of the world has internet, and all of them can view you….creepy, right?)

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3. What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I learned that no matter how many times you try to delete something that you put on the internet, whether it be something you sent, a picture you posted, a video you uploaded, a website you created, a comment you came up with, it will always still be somewhere in the internet.Image result for internet recycling bin


I’ve also learned that while the internet is a place where we can all come together, it is also a place where all of your darkest secrets lie, so make sure those secrets aren’t things that can pull us apart.

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And the last thing I’ve learned is that using the internet can be awesome but also risky, so get off the computer sometimes and play outside, this way, you get awesome and no risk. 😉

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Thank you so much for reading this 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it and you have learned something new!