Capital Punishment in “Two Fishermen”

Capital Punishment is where someone would be punished for Breaking the certain laws, rape to murder, child rape, and treason were all on the range of law. Even though capital punishment is a brutal way of punishment, Canada supported it. In Canada we started capital punishment in 1865 and ended in 1976 this took place in lower and upper Canada. Since we stopped captain punishment we substitute it for a life sentence without any parole. In the story, “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan the time It took place was during 1961 or 1962, this was only done for murder and no other punishment.

Thomas Delany did not deserve to have capital punishment. Thomas Delany was standing up for his wife, and killed the man who molested and hurt his wife. Thomas Delany should not be guilty of murder, murdered shown to the general public is wrong, legal or not It does not make Thomas Delany murdered in public a right for the reason of  illegally murdering someone. The third and last reason why Thomas Delany did not deserve to suffer from the capital punishment is because of how horrible and disgusting It is. I do not agree with capital punishment and believe that even if they do something horrible murder is the easy way out of it instead of guilty shaming them or making them suffer for a life time in jail. The murder Thomas Delany participated in was different than other murders, he did not harm an innocent person, only a person who harmed his wife.