Persuasive Essay – PRO TECHNOLOGY


Technology has not only been a life changing invention but, we would not know what to do with out it. Our society uses technology on an every day bases, helping improve our society and making it revolve around people. An average person wakes up to their phone or with some technology device. We see people using their devices on an every day bsses such as on their phone, watching television, a handheld device, using your washer and dryer machine, their car , etc… Technology also makes people’s lives earlier, we now use it to Skype, FaceTime, text and call our family and friends. This makes it easier to communicate with family members or friends who are far away easy to talk to and share their experience and send photos. It also is a big impact on schools, helping students research, write essays, and learn more about these handheld devices. Technology had been the biggest solution in the medical aspect, helping people with severe illnesses and creating new cures, stated on the website “Doctors and research experts are conducting research regularly, inventing and testing new ways that can diagnose, cure or even prevent disease.” Technology has shown us how it can help with medical discovers, communicating with people, help in school, and etc… Technology is our greatest invention, you might not realize it but you should know how much it effects and improves our society now.