Discovered about me

During this “planning a career” active I’ve discovered what I really was interested vs what I was sort of interesting but also what I wanted to do as a job or career. I’ve learned that for employability skills, my strengths are leadership/teamwork, organization and problem solving. My weakness are computer skills, Public speaking and writing skills. I feel as if the most I thing I learned was my learning skills. I found that I was a visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learner, which is pretty cool even though I kinda knew this it was just more clear. My personality is Extraversion which means I’m comfortable in groups, enjoy socializing, invigorated by being around others, and speaks their mind. Sensing, is organized ideas and good at explaining ideas, collects and presents information in an orderly and concrete fashion, focused, systematic, and detail focused. Thinking means, not influenced by personal bias, perceived as impartial, uncaring, focuses on final product. The last one is Judging, it means I’m thought, organized and enjoys planning, prefers concrete goals and deadlines, and logical. In the knowledge component, my subjects are Business and language Art. What interests me is being social, since I am a very sociable person and investigative, because I am getting new information and learning more. To keep me motivated I like to work independently and have good working conditions. In my occupation, I was compatible with health science. The reason I think this is because I am very into the medical and helping others, so health science is what I’m interested in. I would really like to focus on physics this semester getting a good grade so I can get into medical school. I would like to be a OR nurse so I would hope to be placed in a hospital, I have been very intrigued in nursing but and OR nurse would be a very fun job. I didn’t find anything to surprising since I have taking surveys like this in my previous classes.