Blackout Poem – “Death of a Salesman”

“Death of a Salesmen” Written by Arthur Miller, the play was given a theme of tragedy throughout the play. “Death of a Salesmen” is a play about a 63 year old salesman named Willy Loman, who is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s. Which one would see that it is leading him towards the lack of progress within the sales industry and damaging relationship though out the family, mostly the sons. Willy wants to live the American Dream like his father who was a very successful salesman that made flutes and sold them. Willy has never been able to do so, due to this, he becomes very angry with his oldest son Biff and takes about become successful in life.

The play falls in the genre of tragedy because it shows Willy Loman who could become successful in his life, but with the bad choices made due to his illness, he loses a lot and can not gain them back. The relationship with his sons when they were younger compared to now will never be the same, from the way Willy acts towards them now. He puts so much pressure on them to become successful. One would see that Willy is a hard-working person who is more than capable of becoming success but gets distracted over his looking for a belonging that are tangible which shows examples of the theme tragedy though out the play.

The project for this play was to create a blackout poem, where one finds words in a piece of literature that could make a poem or just words that describe the play, doing this by colouring out the other words in the piece of literature found. One will see that in the piece of literature bellow that words were chosen to describe the play. Not a man to trust, no good as a father and though his love, these words chosen relate to Willy. Not a man to trust, is shown through out the play because Willy has a mistress that Linda, Willy’s wife does not know about and has flashbacks off her when he would work in Boston. No good as a father, Willy was not a good father towards Biff and Happy and does not accept anything they do and only wants them to become successful, but he never listens to them. Through his love, at the end of the play Biff tells Willy he loves him after they get into an argument and Biff leaves. Willy has never heard Biff say that to him and gets ecstatic with the fact and keeps repeating it, while Happy and Linda say he has always loved you. Willy being overwhelmed with joy and happiness gets into his car and kill him self so their family can get money and live without asking people for help to pay rent on the house.

In the end, the play tells us that you don’t need everything to be happy and when trying to do so you can develop bad relationships with others and make bad life decisions.

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