DOAS Monologues

The following is an example I created of a monologue for the character of Biff from “ Dealth of a Salesman”.

This is a monologue because Biff is talking while other characters are there but he is uninterrupted and reveals a lot about the character.

This monologue would fit in the current plot when biff is talking to happy about going to getting a better job here.

Biff: Hap, Hap, listen to this we open up a bro store. Me and you working together, we can help support Mom and Dad together. We, we could become millionaires together Hap, doesn’t that sound fun. Us working together just like we were young and fighting the world together, now we can own a busy and become rich. I came home for a reason Hap, you think the horse would make me money, I want money Hap lots and lots of it. Why don’t you give it a thought Hap and tell me what u think about us the dynamic duo working together, making money left right and centre?. Just imagine if we made so much money we wouldn’t need to work and we could have slaves and still make loads of money, and don’t, don’t even get me started on our pension we wouldn’t need to worry Hap.

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