The Landlady – 1 Minute Short Film

Making this film was one heck of a ride. I got to act, direct, produce, and edit, all for a simple one minute film. The toughest part, from my cut of the work load, was cutting scenes that I thought were great. In the end, what had to be done, had to be done. The scenes that were left in the movie were picked out, because they really showed the quirky side of the landlady, while also making her seem a bit creepy and shady. We also kept scenes that emphasized Weaver’s naive, but slightly sceptical character. Bits of symbolism from the short story were also kept in, to capture a bit of Dahl’s atmosphere and important details that help with things like foreshadowing. It was tough getting the whole film and all of Dahl’s subtle symbolism to fit into just one minute, but I learned not to be afraid of cutting, wether it be something easy to cut, or something that seems really important. A scene that was cut that seemed important was when Weaver said he might’ve heard the two names of the boys in the newspapers. Pretty important right? Well, we were able to make it so that it would still be obvious to the audience that the landlady was really off her rocker, by still having the landlady change the subject, when Weaver says he noticed the names were familiar. Overall, the making of the film was a lot of fun, and I couldn’t have pulled it off without Dante, Selena, and Dasha also working hard during production.

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