The effects of the BC gold rush

Read pp 213-218

Create a mind map that explains the effect that the Gold Rush had on the development of British Columbia.

(Yale, Fort Langley, Creation of BC, Royal Engineers, New Westminster, Cariboo Wagon Road, Fraser Canyon Wars, Barkerville)

Some of the positive effects the gold rush had on bc are the development of the small mining towns that people still exists today like Yale Discovered by hill and Moore two San Francisco men who where sent to see if there actually gold and mine around Yale after McLean,James Douglas sent all of their gold findings to the San Francisco mint. And indeed there was gold, hill and Moore took out about 35 million dollars worth of gold. The news heads back to San Fran and miners started to move to bc to mine. European miners such as Peter baker hired many natives to help him on his mining expedition repaying them in tobacco and other European goods offering them jobs and trade. Fort Langley was one of the second stops for the European miners after fort Victoria. The stop was a place were the miners could supply them selves with food and supplies for their expedition. After hill and moored findings in Yale lots of American miners were heading in to Yale and with this a mining town was started because it was furthest you could get up the Fraser on a paddle wheeler were many people would stop. In 1859 surveyor Joseph semberton was sent to survey the land form Britain to make a proper town. The Fraser canyon war started because all aboriginals lands of southern bc were invaded by large companies of miners they triggered the Indian war of Washington and Oregon and the Fraser river war in 1858.The miner came in all different routes so the natives couldn’t stop them for coming in to their territory. The Creation of new Westminster started because of the need of a suitable royal engineers were sent to find the best location for the capital fort Langley wasn’t the best choice because it could be easily attacked from the south and new minster was protected by the Fraser river and it was farther down the river so it was a good stop so that the Canadian would tax the miners on their way out.
Miners stopped to collect supplies there as well. The creation of British Columbia occurred because of the threat of the Americans taking over the land and was created as the crow colony of British Columbia and James Douglas was the governor of British Columbia as well as Vancouver island. The American miners where thought as really greedy and had the gold fever Cariboo gold rush started because of the American desire to find even more gold up in the Fraser river. Caribou wagon road was built by the royal engineers it traveled from Yale to barkerville and is now called the high way one. Jams Douglas built the road so it will be easier way for him to tax all the miners and not let them take their own way out of BC, and also lowered the price of goods sent Long the Fraser canyon so because of the more efficient way of transportation.

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