Workplace Safety

Three things I will do to keep safe at work are: 

  1. Ask for directions and help when I’m lost with certain instructions.
  2. I will always wear safety goggles, safety gloves, non slip shoes and any other protective wear that is required during the job.
  3. I will never work alone, and always refuse to work somewhere where it is unsafe or dangerous.

Two things I will do to keep others safe at work are: 

  1. Be cautious of my surroundings and where I am working.
  2. Always make sure to follow the rules and regulations so I don’t put anyone in danger.

Which story resonates most from you, why?

The story that Matthew Bowcott shared impacted me the most. The reason why is because the accident could have easily been prevented. He could have told his manager that the job was unsafe and that he had rights to refuse a job that is dangerous. They also could have stuck with the same procedures at the right time and the worker who mopped could have refused the payment.

What can I learn about their workplace accident?

I can learn to refuse unsafe work and state that I have rights to say no. I can also learn to be more aware of my workplace surroundings and know what my job is about. Finally, I can learn to ask questions, and know that it’s never a dumb question when you ask for help.

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