Multiculturalism Assignment

This news article shows Canada being represented in a very discriminatory way. On Friday, January 8, 2016, a group of 100 people were standing outside of the Muslim Association of the Canada Center when this man on a bike came up to the group and pepper sprayed them with no unknown reason behind it. He ended up spraying men, women, and children, including refuges who had arrived from Syria recently. This shows that not all Canadians in Canada are accepting towards everyone and don’t feel the need to be diverse and multicultural. This was a very unusual and scary event that had happened due to Canada being known as one of the most accepting countries in the world.

This second new article shows how accepting Canada can be towards everyone and how it is known to be a global wide kind of community. Every year, there is a special event put on in Toronto for all Immigrants and Canadians to celebrate their cultures together and accept everyone as equals. This shows that Canada is a very welcoming environment which shows diversity in so many different ways. On family day this year, they hosted an event for Immigrants to celebrate a known Canadian tradition, snowshoeing. Everyone had fun and felt comfortable at their new home. Canada shows great multiculturalism as they have put on so many events to celebrate different races, ethnicities, religions, and more… Canada is a great place to live if you want to be proud, accepted, and diverse.

Based on the two news articles I shared, I believe that Canada is a multicultural and diverse community. There will always be people out there that are discriminatory, and racist but in Canada, it’s very rare to find people like that. Canada has culture events, holidays, and celebrations to show everyone that there is nothing but acceptance and pride in this country we call home. The country is diverse which makes immigrants want to live here and Canadians make sure that they feel comfortable and welcomed. To conclude this, I believe that are country is one of the most welcoming and diverse places in the entire global community.

Workplace Safety

Three things I will do to keep safe at work are: 

  1. Ask for directions and help when I’m lost with certain instructions.
  2. I will always wear safety goggles, safety gloves, non slip shoes and any other protective wear that is required during the job.
  3. I will never work alone, and always refuse to work somewhere where it is unsafe or dangerous.

Two things I will do to keep others safe at work are: 

  1. Be cautious of my surroundings and where I am working.
  2. Always make sure to follow the rules and regulations so I don’t put anyone in danger.

Which story resonates most from you, why?

The story that Matthew Bowcott shared impacted me the most. The reason why is because the accident could have easily been prevented. He could have told his manager that the job was unsafe and that he had rights to refuse a job that is dangerous. They also could have stuck with the same procedures at the right time and the worker who mopped could have refused the payment.

What can I learn about their workplace accident?

I can learn to refuse unsafe work and state that I have rights to say no. I can also learn to be more aware of my workplace surroundings and know what my job is about. Finally, I can learn to ask questions, and know that it’s never a dumb question when you ask for help.

What it means to be Canadian…

For my first document, I decided to choose this picture as an identification of Canada because I believe it represents all of the qualities of a true Canadian. Being Canadians means to be diverse and multicultural. In Canada, everyone is equally treated with genuine respect and kindness, no matter if they were born here, or were travelling from somewhere else. This reflects my perspective of Canadian Identity because this picture shows that Canada is welcoming with open arms to whoever wants to experience and explore the amazing land that we call our home. In Canada, free social rights are given to people no matter skin colour, religion, or gender. All people are believed to be the same which means respect spreads throughout the country. I think that this resource was an accurate portrayal of Canadian Identity because all around our environment, people are kind, forgiving, and humble. No one is treated with any disrespect or shame. If I lived in the 1800’s, I wouldn’t believe there were any signs of multiculturalism in Canada. It used to be a place where superiority was common, and society showed multiple accounts of  racism. Canada has changed over the years with their policies and I’m glad they found a different way to welcome new communities into Canadian territory.

link to picture –

For my second document, I decided to choose this link to a website that explains the free rights of Canadians. I believe that it represents Canada because of how many rights are given to Canadians in the 20th century. In Canada, people are treated with fair amount of respect and loyalty. They never give anyone a certain reputation because of their skin colour, religion, gender or specific rights they believe in that differ from everyone else’s opinions in life. This link reflects my perspective of Canadian identity because it shows that everyone is the same, even if they are all different. Canada accepts everyone in all types of ways, and never makes anyone feel shameful of where they came from. I think that this resource was an accurate portrayal of Canadian Identity because our community is a home where everyone is welcome. Canada makes people feel safe, appreciated, and proud of where they live. If I lived in the 1800’s, I would believe that this regulation of Canada would never come true, or that it would not even become a possible solution to the terrible remarks society made about people who were different than the average community. Rights were given to people who stood up for their land and self rights out of courageousness and respect. Canada is brave, and people should be proud of their Canadian Identity. Being Canadian means… being diverse and welcoming.

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Racism Then vs Now

Racism has been a big problem in society over the past generations, but things have changed since the era of discrimination. Groups of people were created to help stop acts of racism in the world, but for the exception of only using violence on others. Malcolm X was one of the influential leaders that used violence as a weapon against society, while Martin Luther King thought of other ways to stop the prejudice society. Colored people were treated very poorly in the olden days. Examples of discrimination against colored people were; forcing them to sit in different areas of the bus, sending kids to different schools, and having different sections for them to eat at restaurants. The most dreadful thing about racism in the olden days was slavery. Colored people were treated as slaves, forced to do work without having any freedom. Racism today has changed drastically. There are still stereotypes based on different ethnicities, but people are allowed to have social rights and move around with total freedom. There are still points in the world where racism is visible, but the ages of discrimination are slowly starting to come to an end. Racism has changed immensely in the world, allowing everyone to be equal and have rights.