New France Document Gallery

Champlain and Quebec

Champlain and Quebec 1

Champlain built the “habitation” which was part fort and part village in 1608 at the site of present-day Qu├ębec City.

AEXND2 Samuel de Champlain defeats the Iroquois at Lake Champlain opening the settlement of New France 1600s

This document represents the defeat of the Iroquios at lake Champlain which took place in 1609. Champlain is the one in the French armour in the middle.

Champlain and Quebec 3

Champlain drawing a map of New France.

Champlain and Quebec 4

Champlain and his Huron Allies Planning an Attack on the Iroquois in 1615.

Jesuits and Huron

Jesuits and Huron 1

Map of Iroquois and Huron territories.

Jesuits and Huron 2

Jesuits (also referred to as a group called Mission de Sainte-Marie) come to Quebec and teach their religion to the Hurons. In this picture the man in the black robe with a cross (a member of Mission de Sainte-Marie) is teaching the Hurons.

Jesuits and Huron 3

A drawing of the Iroquois 1649 attack against Huronia.

Royal Government

Royal Government 1

Jean Talon was the Intendant of New France between 1665-1668 and 1669-1672.

Royal Government 2

One group of the King’s daughters arrive at Quebec, 1667.

Royal Government 3

Jean Talon visiting and talking to the habitants in their homes.

Coureurs de bois

Coureur de bois

The Coureurs de bois traveling by boat for fur trade.


Seigneury 1

Habitants in their very crowded home doing what they do when they aren’t outside working on their crops.

Seigneury 2

Ursuline nuns in New France.

Seigneury 3

A typical seigneurial layout of New France’s Seigneur’s land.

French vs English – fur trade and fishing

French vs English 1

Fur traders in Canada, trading with native americans.

French vs English 2

British ships taking Acadians to France after some of them refused to sign a second oath with the British.

Seven Years War

Seven Years War 1

The British scaling the cliff of Quebec. This painting is a scene that is leading up to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

Seven Years War 2

The death of General Wolfe painted by Benjamin West.

Seven Years War 3

The British and the French fighting during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

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